British Models Compete to Be in Calendar Benefitting Greyhounds

 |  Sep 25th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Long Legged Beauties cover

These models have brains and beauty. Thanks to K9 magazine for this article.

Glamour Girls Queue Up To Help Greyhounds

Glamour and fashion models from all over the UK have been competing to appear alongside ex racing Greyhounds in the 2007 Long Legged Beauties calendars.

The calendars produced by Stuart and Jenny Stott of Cumbria first appeared last year and sold as far away as Australia. This year the couple are producing three different styles of calendar with two of the calendars featuring two legged as well as four legged models one calendar has a funny but somewhat raunchy theme to it.

Jenny Stott says: Last year we posed models alongside the Greyhounds to illustrate what affectionate creatures Greyhounds really are. The models ensured the calendar got noticed by the media both in the UK and overseas. This year we decided to produce one calendar just featuring dogs, one similar to last year and one shot in a lads mag style

Each year thousands of healthy Greyhounds are put down at the end of racing careers which can end at two or three years of age. Recent media articles have highlighted the sad end that many of these dogs suffer.

Stuart says: typically a dog will come into rescue from a racing kennel and then be assigned to us to foster. The dog may have no experience of living in a home so we have to introduce them to everyday things such as stairs, glass doors, and televisions. Our resident dogs Bobby and Indi take it upon themselves to show a new dog the ropes and how to play. We then help to look for a permanent home for them and support the new owners during the adoption process.

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