British Jack Russell Mix Daisy Frightens Robbers Away from Jewelry Store

 |  Dec 21st 2006  |   0 Contributions

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You go Daisy! Who says it takes a big dog to protect places and people? Daisy will tell you she's as big as she needs to be!

Thanks to BBC News for this article!

Dog frightens off armed robbers

A dog frightened away three armed robbers who threatened staff and customers at a Hampshire jewellers.

Three men, one of them armed with a handgun, entered Jeremy France Jewellers in High Street, Winchester, on Tuesday.

They tried to open a display cabinet when Daisy, a cross-bred Jack Russell, alerted owner Jeremy France, who activated a shop security system.

Police said the robbers escaped with nothing and nobody was hurt.

Mr France, 47, was in a different office when the attempted robbery took place.

He said Daisy's barking alerted him to what was happening and he was able to trigger the security alarm.

Mr France told BBC News: "She gave a good barking at them. She's the shop dog, she's well known in Winchester, she often sits outside.

"To have nothing stolen at all and nobody hurt, you couldn't ask for a better result."

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