Breeding Dogs Get New Leash On Life

 |  May 12th 2009  |   4 Contributions

After years of being used for breeding, 200 dogs are finally getting their chance at life. Thanks to a coordinated effort between Utah based Best Friends Animal Society and the National Mill Dog Rescue, located in Colorado.

More than 200 dogs that were rescued from certain death at puppy mills in the Midwest arrived Monday at North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington.

The dogs, purebreds that had been used for mass breeding of puppies, which are then sold to pet stores, had reached the end of their natural breeding lives and were about to be euthanized, rescue groups said.

Monday, an air-conditioned truck carrying dozens of cages pulled into the parking lot at North Shore Animal League America, where volunteers opened the cages and carried the dogs into the treatment building.

The dogs, including everything from shih tzus to Labradors, had suffered from neglect while at the puppy mills, rescue workers said. Most had matted fur and rotted teeth. Some had nails that had grown more than an inch long, and most had spent their entire lives in wire cages.

The dogs will be treated for medical conditions, spayed or neutered, and groomed at North Shore and several other area shelters before becoming available for adoption. The league plans to charge a $200 adoption fee for each dog.

I hope all the dogs are adopted and get a chance to live the life they were meant to live. Our boy Logan was in the same situation as the dogs above, a stud dog at a puppy mill who was used and abused. He may not have many teeth, and the ones he does aren't pretty, but he's the most beautiful Bernese Mountain dog in the world to us.

If you're interested in one of the rescued dogs you can sign up for the North Shore's e-mail alerts to be notified when they are available for adoption.

* Photo of pup courtesy North Shore Animal League


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