Breeder Pleads With Shelter Not to Neuter His Dog

 |  Oct 29th 2010  |   40 Contributions

A Pomeranian like this one is waiting to learn if he'll be neutered. (He looks pretty nervous...)

A Pomeranian who wandered away from his home a stud may return home a changed man if an Albuquerque shelter follows the letter of the law. The East Side Shelter, which took in Prince on Tuesday after he was found 15 miles away from his home, can't give a dog back to an owner or adopt out a dog unless the dog is fixed.

Prince's owner, Paul Sugar, is of the belief that if it ain't broken, don't fix it. "We're going to do whatever it takes to keep the dog intact," Sugar said.

He was thrilled when he found out Prince was alive and healthy after his ramblings, but aghast that the dog could be neutered over his objections. He says Prince is a breeding dog, and he is trying to get the paperwork together that would allow Prince to continue his line of work. The clock is ticking, because Sugar has only a week to gather items for his case. If the judge won't sign a court order, Prince will not be making any more puppies.

You can find more details and a news video about the situation on the KOAT-7 website.

What do you think, Dogsters? Is this a violation of constitutional rights, as some are saying, or do you applaud the shelter? (And what kind of breeder is Sugar? His place doesn't exactly look state of the art.)


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