Boycotting Nike's Vick Products? Don't Forget the Stores

 |  Jul 20th 2007  |   8 Contributions


As we boycott Nike's Vick endorsed shoes let's not forget the outlets for these shoes that are much closer -- the stores that sell them. Most of us can only write letters to some unseen Nike employee. But we can actually talk face-to-face with our local store managers. Let's tell them personally, and politely, why we won't buy Nike's Vick shoes and why we won't buy other shoes in businesses that carry Vick Nikes.

Let your local stores know that when they sell ANY Vick Nike's they are supporting his bad example and behavior. In fact, let the store management know you can get good athletic shoes in many stores and other outlets that do not carry Vick shoes. Let them know that you're not buying shoes in stores that carry ANY Vick shoes. Nike can blow off individual consumers but when they start getting back unsold stock or those orders start falling off all together, Nike has to listen.

I buy a lot of shoes (okay, probably more than I need) but I will be checking out the shoe departments and stores to see if they sell Vick Nikes. If so, I'll just have to go elsewhere or online.


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