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What a great idea! When Nigel (Sol's dad) went through physical therapy (that's another story) the chiropractor taught me some essential canine massage moves. My furbabies love it when I start working on them! (I suspect that may REALLY be why Annie my escape artist decided that she needs to hang around! Where is she going to get those rubdowns running wild?) sent this article out. If you haven't checked them out yet, do so!

Rover rub down

Is your aging German Shepard finding it harder to circle the block in this cold weather? Does your pudgy Pug keep you up at night with snorts and sniffs?

Doggy massage therapy can be an effective solution to some of your pooch's painful problems.

Whether your fur-baby is a working dog, extreme racer or couch potato, massage can bring relief from those aching mussels while bringing you two closer together.

Bowzer came across this helpful article to get you started, but leave the deep tissue stuff to the professionals. Hip or respiratory problems can also be the painful consequences of over breeding, so bowzer recommends that you talk to your vet to see if a massage by a professional could help.Give it a try, it's the least we can do for all that unconditional love.


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