If Fluffy and Fido have been looking to get married, but can’t get a license in the US they may want to head to India.

Beggy, Pepper and Shaggy walked the red carpet attired in coats, t-shirts and ties, while Daisy, Honey and Mishri looked cute in frocks with bows and ponytails.

This is the scene from the capital’s first ever mass dog wedding during which canine couples were united in wedlock as a band played in the background and affectionate owners showered rose petals.

Over 100 canines participated in the wedding ceremony organised at the Ansal Plaza business centre here Saturday.

The event was actually a part of the mall’s corporate social responsibility initiative. “The purpose is to spread an animal-friendly image of the mall,” said Abhijit Das, additional general manager, Ansal Plaza.

I wonder if the dowry included gold dog tags, a jewel encrusted collar, and a tennis ball.