Book Review: Lessons from a French Bulldog

 |  Jun 2nd 2008  |   2 Contributions

Alfred's Nose

Poor little Alfred has some confidence issues. Like many others in today's body-conscious society, he's a little obsessed with his appearancespecifically, his nose. He can't rush off for plastic surgery, though, as he's an adorable little French Bulldog.

A new book by Vivienne Flesher, Alfred's Nose chronicles one doggie's journey to find the perfect, true-dog nose. He tries costumes and masks, and ultimately comes to accept himself for the perfect pooch he is. The book will induce giggles and inspire children, but it's plenty of fun for grown-ups too, with its homegrown photos of Flesher's dog in a gaggle of fake noses (elephant, cow) and disguises.

This book is short and sweet. Take a peek at Alfred's own website:

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