Bo Obama Doesn't Care for Santa; Does Your Dog?

 |  Dec 24th 2009  |   6 Contributions

We've all seen children who are terror stricken at the mere idea of sitting on the lap of a stranger with an odd red suit and a beard that is so 1800s. But we haven't met many dogs who have reservations about Santa. (When St. Nick slides down our chimney tonight, Jake will welcome him with a wag, show him to the plate of treats, and continue with his nap. It must happen like this, because every year the plate of treats we leave out is gone on Christmas morning, and Jake is fast asleep.)

But in the above appealing video of 4/5 of the First Family, Bo Obama seems to have a little trepidation about Santa during a gathering at the Children's National Medical Center. He just isn't quite sure what he's all about, it seems. Has your dog met Santa? Does s/he give a bark about him?


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