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What's an Aussi-huahua? A Blind Rescue Dog Who's Adorable

Alice is part Australian Shepherd, part Chihuahua -- 11 pounds of a spunky "foster fail."

 |  Sep 30th 2013  |   5 Contributions

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What is one half Miniature Australian Shepherd and one half Chihuahua, and has no eyes?

Give up? It's Alice!

Poor little Alice was found abandoned with a gnarly abscess on her face and her eyes severely infected. Things looked grim for Alice -- literally! And the rescue group who had her couldn't afford to fund her vet bills. Fortunately the folks at Yokayo Vet stepped in with a different treatment plan for the puppy, trying to save her eyesight as they bottle fed her. Sadly, however, her right eye ruptured, and at four weeks old, Alice had to have it removed.

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Eyes are overrated anyway!

At about that time, she went into foster care with a woman who has helped raise many puppies, but Alice was her first foster puppy with a visual impairment. Which may have actually been beneficial to Alice's upbringing, as her human foster friend treated her like any other puppy, training her as she would one with total eyesight.

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You don't need eyesight to enjoy the cool grass against your belly.

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Eventually Alice had to have her remaining eye removed, but her total lack of vision didn't compromise her intelligence. Being part Aussie, Alice's foster person soon realized she would need lots of activity to keep her from the idle jaws of boredom. She embarked on a clicker training regimen, and Alice continues to surprise her human friend with her brains and intuition, one time jumping into a pool and swimming just fine.

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Fortunately, because she's blind, she can't see how ridiculous she looks! Just kidding, this costume is way cute.

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She's a Giants fan!

Because sometimes people give off weird energy around Alice, she wears Doggles so they won't be distracted by her lack of eyes. Smart!

As you've probably guessed, Alice's human friend became a foster failure, although I'd call it a foster success.

All photos via Alice's Facebook page -- go check it out and tell her Dogster says hi!

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