Blind Dog in Florida Kill Shelter Needs Immediate Home

 |  May 16th 2006  |   7 Contributions

Jim Willis (author of Pieces of My Heart and the essay "How COuld You?") sent me this request for help today so I'm passing it on to all of you. As I understand it, Cuddles lost his home when his guardian became disabled. Please feel free to cross-post.


So far, this is the saddest tale to pop into my inbox today and it's going to be a real test of the "angel network" - but I know Cuddles' guardian angel will help make this happen. This Corgi/Basset mix was born with no eyes. (I have a dog blind from birth,and it is amazing! how well they get along when they are born blind.)

Here is the link to Cuddles' Petfinder page

Please blanket the southeast and then some with a plea for Cuddles.


Let me know if a Dogster adopts cuddles.


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