Better Than Laughing Gas: Dental Office Therapy Dog

 |  Oct 27th 2010  |   9 Contributions

gI_0_0_Tad10072010fzA high-end dental office in La Jolla, Calif., offers all the latest treatments for the health and beauty of teeth, and for the relaxation of patients. And the office offers one perk that may be a first: A dental office therapy dog.

Three months ago, dentist Tracy Taddey adopted a cute little dog, Mona Lisa, from the wonderful Helen Woodward Animal Center, near San Diego. Dr. Taddey hated the idea of leaving Mona at home by herself, and because Mona was so mellow, she decided to start bringing her to the office. Little did she know that Mona would soon be helping nervous patients through their dental procedures.

Mona is offered to any patient who might like a little doggy companionship. She tends to curl up and go to sleep on patients' laps. The sound of drills is almost a lullabye to her. Mona may well be better than any of the many sedation options the office offers. When you opt for Mona relaxation, there are no side effects except for a little shed hair, and there's no extra cost. Check her out in this video. (Sorry, it wouldn't embed here, or I'd show it to you on the blog.)

(I think the patient named Alisha may have been supplied with a little laughing gas, but maybe it's just the giddiness of having had her pearly whites made pearlier and whiter with a very adorable dog on her lap.)

Dogsters, would you like to see your dentist have a dog in the office? Someone who can snuggle with you or lie near during stressful procedures? I sure would!


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