Best Friends Forever

 |  Feb 25th 2009  |   4 Contributions

In one of Lisa's favorite magazines, Modern Dog, there is a great story about an unusual pair. Best friends who overlook their differences, and only care about being there for each other.

On the CBS Evening News Katie Couric did a piece on the animal kingdom's oddest couple, a rescued mutt named Bella and her best gal pal, 34-year-old Asian elephant Tarra. The girls became fast friends at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, a non-profit pachyderm refuge founded in 1995 by Carol Buckley and Scott Blais.

At 2700 acres, it is the largest natural-habitat sanctuary of its kind, providing a place of peace for sick, old or needy elephants. In addition to the 17 endangered African and Asian elephants that call the sanctuary home, many homeless dogs and cats have found respite there as well.

It is one of these sanctuary dogs that formed an unlikely but enduring friendship with Tarra. Bella, who now spends her days lounging in the shade of Tarra's belly, was taken in by the Sanctuary when she was found guarding a bulldozer on recently acquired land. Perhaps this bulldozer-attachment pointed to an inherent draw towards the large, for an elated Tarra soon won Bella, the subject of her affection, over.

Run on over to Modern Dog to read the full story and see a video of Tarra and Bella in action. Also, visit The Elephant Sanctuary website to read all about the sanctuary and their elephants.

* Pic courtesy Modern Dog and The Elephant Sanctuary


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