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Will You Strut Your Mutt for Animal Welfare?

The nationwide fundraising dog-walk by Best Friends Animal Society needs you and your dog.

 |  Jul 30th 2013  |   81 Contributions

Best Friends Animal Society‚Äôs Strut Your Mutt is a nationwide event in which people take nice, leisurely strolls with their dogs to raise money for animal welfare groups. Last year, it took in $1.3 million, benefiting 180 groups. This year, it's aiming for $2 million, with different walks taking place in 11 cities in the next few months.  

This is a fun way to raise money for dogs. Register to walk, choose which group you want to benefit in your city, set up your fundraising page on the site, and hit up your friends and co-workers for donations (which is made easy through the website). On the big day, you get to take a nice walk with a bunch of other people walking dogs, and there are few things more enjoyable than that.  

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Last year's Strut Your Mutt in Portland.

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And in Salt Lake City.

We can't call out all the individual teams nationwide, but because Dogster is based in San Francisco, we can give some love to the home team. Our strut takes place on Treasure Island on Sept. 21, and the local animal welfare groups who are participating -- and who you can donate to! -- are are fine bunch: Milo Foundation, NorCal GSP Rescue, Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance, Reunion Rescue,  and San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

But, alas, in perusing the donations pages of all the above groups (which you can get to by those links), we noticed something sad. As of press time, many of them had a healthy donations -- with NorCal GSP Rescue leading the pack at nearly $6,000 -- but one poor soul had not a single donation: San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

We feel you, San Francisco Animal Care & Control. 

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The Strut Your Mutt mascot.

So, readers -- and we're especially looking at you, local readers -- are we going let this fine organization strut around Treasure Island without a single dollar behind it? Are we going to let this San Franciscan dog, led by Capt. Susan Butler, raise zero dollars at a nationwide fundraising effort?

We think not. Let's help San Francisco Animal Care & Control get some money on the boards before strut-day. Here's part of Susan Butler's statement on the site to help you ease open your wallet: 

I am participating in Strut Your Mutt to raise money that will go directly back into my community to be used to fund adoption programs and spay/neuter services, ultimately impacting the number of pets entering and leaving the shelters.

What else do you need to know? Donate. And then get out there and Strut Your Mutt.

Photos via Strut Your Mutt's Facebook page


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