Beagle Shoe Thief on the Loose

 |  Aug 28th 2008  |   4 Contributions

All right, which of you Beagle owners out there needs to fess up about your shoe fetish? C'mon, give it up.

Don't know what I'm barking about? Then read about the mysterious disappearance of shoes in Waveland, Indiana.

Shoes left outdoors in the Montgomery County community of Waveland began disappearing one by one in June, reappearing near the town's fire station.

Acting town marshal Rob Kiger and others have seen a stray brown and white dog, possibly a beagle, around town carrying a shoe in its mouth. Others have seen the dog lying in the sun near the fire station.

Kiger says he's tried to take the canine shoe bandit into custody, but it runs away every time he gets close.

You think this is how Tige from Buster Brown got his start?


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