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 |  Mar 23rd 2009  |   9 Contributions

There are more homeless dogs and cats than ever before. In order to give these animals a chance to get adopted quality foster homes are desperately needed.

Sometimes even when you want to help it isn't possible, taking in another mouth to feed when money is so tight may not be an option.

When I received information about this program from Brooklyn Animal Foster Network I just had to share. It's a win-win!

Paid Foster Homes Needed!
BAFN will pay $15.00 a day to foster a loving homeless dog or two cats; $10.00 a day for one cat.

The current economic scenario is creating cause to worry for most of us-but we humans aren't the only ones facing crisis. Many canine and feline pets are at risk when Brooklyn homeowners are forced to relocate due to change in employment or foreclosure, or when their owners can no longer afford to care for them. And finding qualified foster homes has become harder than ever for our overstressed organization. That is why BAFN is now offering $10.00 a day to foster a dog or two cats for qualified individuals to enjoy the companionship of an animal without the added expense. Pet food and kitty litter will also be provided.

Please fill out this SPECIAL PAID FOSTER PROGRAM foster application to be considered for this life-saving program.

THIS IS NOT A "MAKE AN EASY BUCK" scenario. You must have a genuine affection for and experience with animals, submit to a home check and provide references and proof that you are allowed to keep a pet in your home.

For more information call Laurie at (917) 754-3537.

Of course, if you can afford to foster animal without compensation, YOU ARE NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER! Please fill out the "Foster Form Without Compensation" here.

Since it's founding in September of 2005, The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network (BAFN) has rescued more than 1,700 homeless cats and dogs and placed them in loving, temporary homes until they could be adopted.

Please share this information with all your dog, and cat, loving friends. Let's help spread the word about The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network.

* Pokie aks Bowie is one of the adoptable dogs from BAFN, see his profile and more on their Petfinder page.


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