Bay Area Pet Fair Today and Tomorrow

 |  Sep 9th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Bay Area Pet fair logo

Thanks to one of our Dogsters for barking in about this event! Sorry for getting the word out so late but I just got it last night.

And good luck to Levi Elvis! If any Bay Area Dogsters attend make sure to cheer for him!

On Sat and Sun, Sept 9 and 10, a Bay Area Pet Fair and Adoptathon is being held in San Rafael at the Civic Center. Here is the the link to info about the event.

Dogs adopted from Katrina-hit areas are encouraged to come with their new owners and participate in the Katrina Dog parade.

I just realized it would be neat if you could mention it on Dogster!

Maybe you still have time to do that--or at least--come yourselves!

P.S. Levi Elvis, my Dogster agility dog, will be trying out for Mary Butler to see if he can participate in the Small Dog Agility demo on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Rossean Hunter


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