Barking Parrot Alerts Neighbor to Fire

 |  Nov 17th 2010  |   16 Contributions

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A parrot like this one chose a good animal to imitate when fire broke out

A smart parrot who used his vocal skills to bark like a dog alerted a neighbor to a fire in the house and prevented his birdy self and his two ferret friends from going up in smoke.

A neighbor heard a barking sound coming from the parrot's house in Medford, Oregon, and went to check it out. She saw the blaze, and rushed to call 911, according the Mail Tribune.

The parrot, who was outside on the porch at the time, was fine. The ferrets, who were in the living room, received oxygen and are doing well, too. The house sustained about $50,000 in damages. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Good thing the parrot didn't try out a cat voice.

Dogsters, this one's for you. After two mornings of hauntingly tragic stories, you deserve a little lightness at the start of your day.


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