Barking Out to All Bay Area, Sacramento and Wine Country Dogsters

 |  Mar 28th 2008  |   2 Contributions

This is a special alert bark to all Dogster members who live in the greater Bay Area, Sacramento/Lodi area and Wine Country.

We just sent Dogster Local window decals to vets, pet stores and all other pet-friendly businesses in your area that look like the ones pictured here.

Dogster Stickers

The response has been grrrrreat, but we can't get everywhere. Can you help us by checking in with your local vet and favorite pet businesses and reporting back on whether they got the decals, are displaying them, and know of Dogster and how much we love them? Even better, if you send in a picture of displayed Dogster Local decals, we'll send you Zealies!

If your favorite pet business isn't displaying a Dogster decal, you might ask them if they received one and if they know about Dogster. We'll be happy to send them stickers and more info if you send us the mailing address/contact information to community [at] dogster [dot] com.

Please feel furee to share *any* experiences you have talking with the pet places in the comments area of this entry. If any pet place is listed in Dogster Local, then they were sent a welcome letter and decal.

If you've taken a photo of posted decals and want Zealies, send each photo along with the URL of one of your pets on the site and the name of the store or venue where you saw the sticker to community [at] dogster [dot] com. The first person to send in a photo gets the 20 Zealies (though no good deed will go unzealied). ;) Also, if you want you can add the picture to the Dogster Local Listing for that business. That would be SO COOL!

[Photo taken by Dogster Eddie Codel at Hazel's in San Francisco]


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