Barking Dog Leads Police to Owner's Marijuana Operation

 |  Sep 29th 2010  |   8 Contributions

This isn't the dog who ratted out his owner, but the dog in this story did not pose with the pot plants the police confiscated, so it will have to do.

So much for man's best friend. A dog who was barking in a Michigan backyard at 4 a.m. inadvertently led police to a major marijuana growing operation in his owner's house.

Police in Ferndale, Mich., responded to a phone call about a barking dog in the wee hours. When they investigated, they found a door open, and fearing someone was hurt or ill, went in to investigate. They found a man in a very deep state of sleep on a couch -- deep enough to sleep through minutes of trying to wake him up. They also found evidence of a pot-growing operation. Upon further check of the house after the man woke up and gave them the OK to search the premises, they discovered what described as a large-scale growing operation, with more than 150 marijuana plants filling his basement.

Police "secured the evidence," the news service said, but did not yet arrest the man. The case will be investigated by the county narc team.

This dog should be part of that team. I only hope he's not in the doghouse for his loose lips...


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