Bark Board Updates

 |  Nov 11th 2010  |   0 Contributions

Woof woof!

We've launched a some updates to the Bark Board and I wanted to tell you about it.

*) We removed repetitive links to "profile updates". Now no matter how many times a pet updates it's profile recently you'll only see one link. (Really glad to have this enhancement in!)

*) We made it so all links to new photo uploads and diary posts link to that photo or diary post on both the Board and the Friend and Corral Activity Page.

*) We added links to comments that pet has made. We realize it was confusing how we displayed it in the Board before, so now we just reference that the comment was made. Another change is that the link goes directly to the comment not just the page the comment was made on. Finally these entries are ordered after links to photo, diary and profile updates.

We've been really enjoying updating the Boards and have a lot of other little enhancements to add to them to make them more useful and fun. We'll keep you updated.

Ted (and Moxie!) @ HQ


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