Backyard Breeder Strikes Again

 |  Mar 4th 2009  |   4 Contributions

Backyard breeders, the term according to Wikipedia is used to describe "people who breed animals without selection for important genetic traits. Usually describes those who allow animals, particularly dogs to procreate regardless of physical or genetic health as opposed to breeders who intentionally screen and select their brood for important characteristics."

Yesterday in Cherokee County (GA) a kennel was raided and 134 dogs were removed. The authorities had been notified after receiving a complaint from someone who had purchased one of the dogs at a local flea market. Yes, I did just write flea market. The dog had sarcoptic mange, a skin condition which can be transferred to humans.

One of the kennel's owners, identified as Garnelee Richards, has agreed to surrender the state pet dealer's license she has had since 1996, Sims-Green said.

Richards also is being cited for inhumane treatment of the dogs, which were among 162 animals - including one bird - found at the kennel, she said.

Inspectors spent part of Monday and Tuesday at the kennel and found several problems, including inadequate waste disposal and unsafe enclosures that had "wires poking out," Sims-Green said. Some of the dogs had no shelter and were being left out in the cold, she said.

The kennel was last inspected in August 2008 by the agricultural department. At the time there were a few issues, but nothing as serious as this time. Unbelievably, 28 dogs were left in the care of Richards'.

If someone surrenders their pet dealer's license I question how they could be left with 28 dogs? If for no other reason, there must be an ordinance limiting the number of pets allowed.

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