A small puppy was tied to a tree in Boston’s Back Bay area and left there. I guess this is just another sad sign of the times.

BOSTON (WBZ) -Investigators are trying to find the person who abandoned a puppy in the Back Bay Wednesday afternoon, according to a published report.

Boston’s animal control unit told the Boston Herald someone tied up the little pup to a tree outside the Westin Hotel at the corner of Dartmouth and Stuart Streets.

A hotel manager noticed that no one had picked up the dog, so he called police.

One man claimed to be the pup’s owner, according to the paper, but he couldn’t provide proof and left.

It’s believed the puppy is between three to six months old, and possibly a shepherd-lab or shepherd-akita mix. Whatever he is, he’s adorable. The pup is now at the local animal shelter and will be adopted out if not claimed within a week.

If the pup was stolen, which is a possibility, then he should be given back to the rightful owner. If this was an intentional act the owner should not get the dog back. A small puppy tied to a tree for over an hour, the person responsible doesn’t deserve to own an animal. Who knows what would have happened if the wrong person got a hold of him, scary to even think about.

* Pic courtesy Boston Herald