Back On All Paws

 |  Mar 24th 2009  |   5 Contributions

This is an amazing story of survival after a vicious dog attack. It happened when the owner of Fudge, a Miniature Pincher, was taking him for a routine walk. As they passed an Akita the small dog went to sniff him, the large dog grabbed him by the throat, breaking his neck.

Fudge was rushed to a PDSA PetAid hospital for treatment. The hospitals are located throughout the UK and provide free veterinary treatment to the sick and injured pets of owners in need.

Fudge, who stands just 12 inches tall, was not expected to survive. If he did, doctors thought there would be no chance of him ever walking again.

The veterinary team stitched up Fudge's wounds and placed the tiny dog in a full body cast to hold his broken bones in place. In order to be effective, the cast had to immobilize his head and neck while allowing enough movement for him to breathe.

Fudge then spent nearly four weeks at PDSA, having two further casts fitted as he healed. Mr Taylor added: "Fudge wasn't able to walk or stand up in his cast so he needed extensive nursing care. He received physiotherapy and massages every day to get his legs working again."

Unbelievably, two months later Fudge is back on all paws. His owner praised the doctors at PDSA, saying the staff was wonderful, and that they treated Fudge like one of their own.

* Fudge recovering courtesy Ross Parry/


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