Awesome Video About Dogster's Dog-Loving Editor (and Her Dog!)

 |  Aug 19th 2011  |   16 Contributions

SAY: Passions - Janine from SAY Media on Vimeo.

Dogsters, one of the reasons I love working for Dogster (besides all of you!) is that I work with such fantastic people. Someone I confer with regularly is Janine Kahn, Dogster's managing editor. She's always there to handle the tough decisions, and to offer advice when needed, even though she juggles about a trillion other responsibilities at work. She's an exceptional managing editor, and she's also a super fun person to know and hang out with. I'm really lucky to be able to work with her, and Dogster is lucky to have her heading the editorial team.

Beyond all these assets, though, Janine is one of the biggest dog lovers you'll ever meet. That's really important for a job like hers, because without this passion, someone in her role could burn out easily. Her very adorable Italian greyhound, Moxie, is a huge part of her life. She utterly beams when she talks about him and his antics. The creative folks at SAY Media - the company that has recently welcomed Dogster into its family - occasionally put together videos of their employees. The latest installment is about Janine and her love of dogs. It's an awesome video of the rock-star editor we all have to thank for helping Dogster be what it is today. (And yes, she really does keep her dog's toothbrush next to hers...) Enjoy!


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