Avenal Prison Cats Being Left in Traps By Warden

 |  Apr 13th 2006  |   6 Contributions

Okay, I know this is Dogster not Catster BUT a lot of our Dogsters are Catsters too. Besides, even though I'm totally a dogster I can't stand to hear about any animal being treated inhumanely (except maybe humans who mistreat our furfriends). So when I saw this on the ASPCA site I knew I had to bark out.

Since 2001, the Avenal State Prison in King's County, California has had an effective Trap-Spay-Return program for cats. Now the warden (that's right, the person in charge of treating the humans humanely) has decided that doesn't work for her so she's trapping and LEAVING the cats in the traps until the cats can be removed from the prison. According to the piece on the ASPCA site the cats are being left in traps for as long as two days, subject to weather, other predators and more.

The ASPCA site has a way to fax the warden to let her know the rest of us are aware of her actions. Dogsters might want to let the warden know how you feel about her orders.


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