Authorities Pursuing Heinous Ear Cropper - Used Scissors and Fishing Line

 |  Jan 26th 2011  |   25 Contributions

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One of the two dogs whose ears were crudely, painfully hacked off with scissors and stitched with fishing line

When you think of small scissors and monofilament line, fishing might come to mind. But these seemingly innocuous items were recently used not for rigging a trout line, but for cutting off the ears of two young Monterey County (Calif.) pit bulls, according to the Sacramento Bee. The dogs, who are now in the custody of the Monterey SPCA, were left with painful infections from the butchering.

The crude surgery is typical of what happens every day to dogs who are getting prepared for a (short) life of dog fighting. The only difference is that law enforcement authorities have some clues about who this abuser is and where they may find him.

Monterey SPCA officials say they suspect a man named Damian Maldonado, who they said performed the surgery while representing himself as a veterinarian. The SPCA has a business card of his. It reads "El Cartel Bully Kennels," and has a 209 area code, which is in the Stockton/Modesto region.

So if you're in this area and you have any ideas who or where this heinous ear cropper might be, call the Monterey SPCA at (831) 373-2631. There's a $1,000 reward for his arrest and conviction. It's probably not the first time he's done this "surgery," but with any luck, it will be the last.


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