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Its not just dogs who need finding. Often the people need finding more. Author Ken Foster recounts his being found and helped by dogs in his new book, The Dogs Who Found Me. According to Foster, dogs have helped him recover emotionally from experiencing the World Trade Center attack and living through Katrina. In turn he has tried to repay his debt to dogs by rescuing street dogs in need of assistance.

The Dogs Who Found Me book cover

Foster details his experiences both with his own dogs and the street dogs in a recent Voice of America article. But he goes much further than just recounting harrowing times. Foster also suggests what we can learn from dogs.

The writer says humans get as much satisfaction from their relationship with dogs as the animals get from people. He says dogs have helped him deal with the death of two close friends and cope with a heart condition that nearly killed him.

He says dogs are social animals, just as people are, and that is probably why they get along so well.

"I think that's why the relationship between dogs and men and women is so unique, is that they want to be part of a pack, and the pack can include people as well as other dogs," he said.

But dogs, says Ken Foster, have an advantage over people because dogs are intuitive. He says the dogs that have found him, in parks and animal shelters and at the side of highways, have helped him understand what it means to be human.

And the choir howled a resounding "Amen!"

If you have had a chance to read Foster's book, bark out to me and let us know what you think about The Dogs Who Found Me.


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