Australian Rottweiler Saber Saves Security Guard from Thugs

 |  Aug 15th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Big barks for Saber!!!

Thanks to the Herald Sun for this article.

Hero dog fights off hooded thugs
By Phoebe Stewart

August 14, 2007

DOG has saved his master from being bashed by two hooded men at a concert.

Four-year-old Saber was the only thing that stopped the men - who were "dressed like gangsters and probably armed" - from hurting the man.

The rottweiler was standing beside the 49-year-old man - who did not want to be named - when he spotted two men acting suspiciously near a vehicle at the Darwin Botanic Gardens stage area about 3am on Saturday.

The man, a security guard, went over to the vehicle - believed to be a juice van - and the men, wearing all black with large hoods over their faces, lunged at him.

The guard said he believed they were armed, and told his boss, Nocturnal Security director Corey Holz, that he could see they "meant no good".

"Dressed like that, they could have been carrying any type of weapon," Mr Holz said.

"He said they looked like gangsters."

But luckily Saber was well-trained for the job and lunged back at the bandits to protect his handler.

"They hadn't seen Saber standing there," Mr Holz said.

"And when the dog came out, they bolted."

The jolt on Saber's lead pushed the guard over a bench and winded him, and Saber took off after the men.

But moments later he returned to sit beside the guard, protecting him until he recovered.

"It was very lucky that the dog was there. It could have ended really badly - especially these days," Mr Holz said.

"Saber is really quite harmless but when people tread on his turf he lets them know about it."

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