Australian Man Survives Cold By Cuddling Greyhound

 |  Nov 7th 2006  |   2 Contributions


This article comes from AdelaideNow.

Snowy (shown here) is not the greyhound mentioned but he does live in Adelaide. Wonder what he would say about his fellow Greyhound's exploit?

Missing man cuddled dog for warmth

A MISSING runner who tried to keep warm by cuddling his greyhound has been found by a police sniffer dog.

Police say the 31-year-old man was found in bushland at Muskvale, near Daylesford, north-west of Melbourne, around midnight (AEST).

He had gone for a run about 6pm but took a wrong turn and night fell, bringing freezing temperatures, before he was able to find the track home.

"The runner had tried to keep warm by holding on to his dog," Senior Constable Wayne Wilson said today.

"(The) eight-month-old greyhound ... was a little on the light side and lacking in fur to be suited to the task of keeping him warm."

Five police and ten SES personnel started the search for the man about 9pm.

The police dog Salem arrived from Melbourne to join the search effort about 11.30pm.

"Salem picked a up a scent and tracked for about 30 minutes before finding the runner, who apart from being cold was otherwise okay," Constable Wilson said.


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