Australian German Shepherd Rocky Wins Award for Bravery

 |  Dec 26th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Congratulations to Rocky and for his human for having the good fortune to have Rocky in his home! This news comes to us from The Times of India!

Bravery award for dog

SYDNEY: A German shepherd who was shot twice as he defended his owner and his home here from three intruders received Australia's highest award for pet bravery on Monday.

"He was in front of me when the bullet went through him and it could have been me, so I'm very grateful to him," said Manuel da Silva, recounting the night in September when balaclava-clad thieves broke into his home.

Two-year-old Rocky went for the gunmen, taking one bullet in the face and a second in his leg. They fled after firing the shots.

Da Silva said the worst part had been the two months that his beloved Rocky had to spend away from home in the veterinary hospital.

The award came from international animal welfare group RSPCA. "Animals are an important part in the lives of many people and they often surprise us with their actions," an official said at the presentation ceremony.


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