Australian Drug Sniffing Dogs Bad for Business

 |  Apr 27th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Get this picture -- You're walking by a pub or bar in Australia and outside the patrons are lined up being sniffed by dogs. Okay, as Dogsters we're used to being sniffed by dogs but bar owners in Australia are saying their patrons aren't happy about it. In a story relayed by Yahoo News, a representative of the bar owners in one area of the Great Downunder complains about the use of the dogs to keep drugs out of the night spots.

The Gold Coast Licenced Venues Association says the use of drug sniffer dogs outside pubs and clubs is bad for business.

The response comes after a police crackdown in south-east Queensland.

Association spokesman Jim Bell says he supports any moves to get drugs out of clubs but there are consequences.

"It's an incredibly bad image especially here on the coast or even in Brisbane or anywhere," he said.

"If you're a tourist somewhere and you're walking past a club you're going to and you see the police out the front with the dogs and by the way they're lined up against the wall and they're sniffing all of the patrons well you're not going to go to that club."

Gosh, all that sniffing just sounds like any visit to my house.


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