Australian Collie Beethoven Saved by Mouth-to Mouth

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Australian Man Saves Neighbours Dog with Mouth-to-Mouth

A pet dog is lucky to be alive after its owners neighbour gave the dog mouth to mouth after it choked on a ball that it was playing with.

For Beethoven and his owner, it's extremely lucky that Kingaroy Australia's ambulance officer Travis Comello was in the right place at the right time, or else the spunky little collie would not be alive today.

Comello, a patient transport officer, went above and beyond the call of duty to give the kiss of life to the medium-sized dog recently when Beethoven choked while playing with a ball.

A reluctant hero, Comello said yesterday that he didn't even know if administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the apparently lifeless animal would work, "but it just happened."

He said the drama began just after he arrived home from work, when he heard his neighbour, Rosalie Rudd, yelling for help.

When he saw Beethoven lying on the ground, Comello immediately thought the animal had been hit by a car, but a frantic Rudd told him quickly that her pet had choked on a ball.

Putting his fingers down the dog's throat to extract the ball, Comello said Beethoven was still not breathing but he had a faint heartbeat.

Cupping his hand into a fist, he put it against the dog's muzzle and blew in a few puffs of air and then pushed firmly on the dog's ribs.

"To be honest, I didn't think it would work but she was so upset that I thought I'm going to at least try," he said.

Comello said Beethoven was "completely out of it . . . not moving at all" but after he administered mouth-to-mouth the dog gasped several times and regained consciousness.

"He was sitting up in five minutes," he said. "He was a bit away with the fairies for a while a bit dopey and disoriented but in about 10 minutes he was fine. I was amazed."

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