Attorney General Rosie Moondog Calls for More Signatures on Petition to Prosecute Dog Murderers in Massachusetts

 |  Jun 17th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Rosie Moondog

Our Attorney General Rosie Moondog is barking up a storm of signatures for a petition.

Attorney General Rosie Moondog wrote:
Hey Joy! I'm barkin' at ya about a very important petition that needs Dogster action NOW! Here's the scoop.

This case was reported by Trinity to President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission. The signature goal is 3000. We're busting that number wide open. There are currently over 4000 signatures. But we need more! As we say at the Animal Abuse Commission--THE MORE BARK THE MORE BITE!

Here's the original posting to the Animal Abuse Commission.


Men charged with murdering two pit bull puppies

Please sign this petition and crosspost.

On May 31, 2006, two young pit bulls were found dead on a small path near the town's firing range.

They had been shot 37 times.

With two high-powered rifles in the back of their car, two men drove their victims to a desolate dirt road at the edge of a wooded area of Cape Cod. Then, police said, Todd A. Soderberg and Keith B. Kynock let their victims go, watching them flee for safety, 40 feet, then 50 feet down the road,
before the two lowered their rifles and opened fire. After allegedly firing 37 rounds, their victims lay dead, their bodies shattered from the rifle blasts.

''This was an execution,'' Barnstable police Sgt. Sean Sweeney said. ''This was not a humane act in any way.''

We are not only outraged at this cowardly act of premeditated brutal and cold blooded murder, but that they pleaded NOT guilty! Aside from the weapons charges, the items found in one vehicle denotes these men had other intentions besides the premeditated murder of the two Pit Bulls.

We, the People, respectfully ask that each man be convicted on two counts of felony and serve the maximum allowed by the laws of MA.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION "Public Appeals for Maximum Sentencing of Premeditated Dog Killers", THEN PASS IT ON!

This petition is time sensitive, ie...ending July 5th, 2006. These men are to appear in court on July 11. PLEASE SIGN TODAY!




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