ASPCA, Morris Foundation and American Humane Partner to defeat Canine flu

 |  Apr 16th 2007  |   0 Contributions

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Thanks to the ASPCA for this news.


Canine influenza virus (CIV) is a life-threatening, highly contagious respiratory disease that has decimated entire populations of shelter dogs. The ASPCA is cosponsoring a study to find solutions for managing this virus, for which there is currently no vaccine. Morris Animal Foundation is the lead funding provider for this two-year project, based at the University of Florida and led by Dr. Cynda Crawford, a leading expert in canine flu. This study will determine the prevalence of influenza virus infections in shelters, and identify the factors associated with its introduction and spread. The projects second cosponsor is nonprofit organization American Humane.

Canine influenza virus is a rapidly emerging threat to all dogs who spend time in multi-dog environments, and its led to the death of more than a thousand dogs in shelters around the country," said Dr. Patricia N. Olson, president/CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. Added the ASPCAs Dr. Lila Miller, Vice President, Veterinary Outreach, We hope this study will help us find a long-term solution to this highly infectious disease."

Coughing, the primary sign of canine influenza, mirrors other common respiratory infections such as kennel cough," but CIV can progress to life-threatening pneumonia. The virus itself cant be treated, but secondary bacterial infections associated with CIV require antibiotics and, in the case of pneumonia, hospitalization. Dogs can be diagnosed only through tests performed by a veterinarian. Please take proper precautions to isolate a coughing dog from other canines until a proper diagnosis is made.


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