Ashes To Ashes

 |  Jan 16th 2009  |   29 Contributions

Here's an article I came across and thought was rather interesting. I had no idea that people couldn't be buried with their dog or cat in a human cemetery.

State Sen. Ken Jacobsen, D-Seattle (WA), has introduced a bill that would allow cat and dog remains to be buried with humans in cemeteries meant for people.

Jacobsen told The Seattle Times he got the idea after his beloved pet cat, Sam, died and was buried in his backyard.

Jacobsen discovered that co-mingling animal and human remains wouldn't be allowed. However, it is possible for human ashes to be interred in a pet cemetery. There are cremated remains of more than 20 people at the Pethaven Cemetery in Kent.

If you couldn't be buried with your pet would you choose eternal rest in a pet cemetery? Give me a bark and let me know what you think about this bill.

* Rascal sniffing out the local cemetery.


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