Art Unleashed in Winston-Salem, NC

 |  Apr 15th 2006  |   3 Contributions

Carol Eickmeyer's cat and dog
If you're anywhere near Winston-Salem, NC on April 29th then beat your paws to the Forsythe Humane Society's Art Unleashed event.

Yes! The Forsyth Humane Society will unleash a whole pack of canines and kitties on Winston-Salems downtown streets on Saturday, April 29 2006.

The packat peace with one another for the good of the real animals of Forsyth Countywill hit the downtown streets in a fabulous parade and street party on the 29th.

And on the streets they will sitand stay!for most of the summer, bringing people downtown and, we just know, bringing smiles to many faces. These dogs and cats, decorated by some of the best artists in the area, will offer dozens of reasons to call Winston-Salem the City of the Arts.

In mid-August, they will find permanent homes at our Adoption Party Auction.

The Moravian Starry Night Dog

Art Unleashed! will raise funds for animals in need, who too often live out on the streets for real. These funds will support the Humane Societys No-Kill" Adoption Center, Educational Outreach Programs, Sick and Injured Animal Fund, and Low-Cost Spay Neuter Assistance for Low-Income Pet Owners.

Check out work such as Carol Eickmeyer"s Artie the Cat with the Checkered Past and Belle the Mississippi Watch Dog (at top to the right), and J. Todd Belcher's The Moravian Starry Night Dog (seen at the left).

Better painted dogs on the streets than real ones, I say.


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