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Outrage in Arkansas: 8 Puppies Are Dumped Inside Plasticware

Seven of the Dachshunds were taken in by Rocky Ridge Refuge, while another has been adopted.

 |  Mar 8th 2013  |   8 Contributions

Ever notice how plasticware reproduces quietly in your cupboards so that your kitchen is practically bursting with unmatched lids and containers and then, one day, when you really need it, it has suddenly vanished into the universe? It's your fault. You distributed it over time to the houses of your friends as you departed from their potlucks saying over your shoulder, "Oh, just return the plasticware when you've finished the casserole."

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Photo: Plastic food containers by

We hope the folks who dumped a pile of puppies in a big plastic container behind a church in Arkansas never get their storage vessel back and that their cupboards will be forever cursed with ill-fitting lids because really, who does that?

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Who dumps puppies like that?

First of all, spay and neuter your dogs, for puppies' sake! Second, don't leave the resulting offspring in a sealed plastic death trap! If you have to get rid of them, fine, but there are shelters for that.

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So cute!

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The two females (the one with the head tilt and the black one) were also adopted, leaving five males.

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These pups are totally cute, but please, spay and neuter your dogs.

Fortunately, the eight Dachshund puppies were taken in by the church they were dumped at and handed over to Rocky Ridge Refuge, a rescue organization in Arkansas that provides sanctuary for all manner of animals. One of the puppies was adopted by someone at the church, and the remaining seven are  in the care of Rocky Ridge, which aims to find the puppies good homes.

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Butterbean takes in the puppies as if they are her own.

In the meantime, Rocky Ridge's resident dog mama, Butterbean, is helping take care of the pups.

Photos via the Rocky Ridge Facebook page


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