"Animals Matter to Me" Campaign Looking for 10 Million Signatures

 |  Sep 26th 2006  |   1 Contribution

Angela Monica and Dasher from Malaysia

A large number of animal welfare organizations from around the world have banded together to for the Animals Matter to me Campaign. You can join them in demanding that animal welfare be considered a much higher priority for all of our governemnts.

Thanks to Jasmine for barking about this in the Pound Puppy Project!

Here's some information from the "Animals Matter to Me" site:

Why should you sign the petition?
You can help us achieve recognition and protection of animals around the world by joining a global voice of 10 million in support of our campaign.

Animals and our treatment of them matters to everyone, including you. Tell your government that animals matter to you.

Chupsik from Latvia

The Campaign
Help us achieve global recognition that animals matter, that they can feel pain and can suffer and that we have a responsibility to put an end to cruelty around the world. We seek 10 million signatures to let the governments of the world know we are serious about achieving a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare at the United Nations.

The Coalition
'Animals Matter To Me' represents the biggest ever global animal welfare initiative linking the entire animal welfare movement under one strategic goal - global recognition that animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain and suffering.


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