Animal Planet's Hero Nominees

 |  Oct 3rd 2008  |   2 Contributions

One of our Dogster friends, Mica, gave me a bark about the Animal Planet's 2008 Hero of the Year.

Her big sister Mckenna has been an animal rescuer and advocate for decades. Presently she is working with "Project POOCH", one of the nominees.

Joan Dalton, Project POOCH Founder and Director, has been selected as one of 10 finalists, out of over 10,000 nominations, for Animal Planet's 2008 Hero of the Year!

Some Oregonians may know what this means, but Mica and I invite you to come see what it's all about and why we ask for your support.

We hope you'll vote for our 'candidate' of choice. Although there undoubtedly are many worthy recipients, they don't get this close to home where we CAN help make a difference every day.

I've read about each of the top 10 finalists, there are some amazing candidates. I hope all the Dogsters out there will take a minute to visit Animal Planet and cast their vote, you have until October 13th. To find out who wins, watch Animal Planet Heroes, Dec. 4 at 10PM e/p.


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