Angry Birds Has Gone to the Dogs! Win All the Toys in This Picture

 |  Dec 6th 2011  |   84 Contributions

While we were walking around the exhibit area of the 2011 Blogpaws conference, we ran into some folks from Hartz, who were sitting behind some samples of the then-unreleased Angry Birds toys. And we wanted to take some home pretty bad. They didn't have any samples to spare at the time, but they promised us that one day we'd get some in the mail.

Well, true to their word, we received boxes filled with dog and cat toys in our inbox. (We'll do a giveaway on Catster later in the week.) They sent us toys that squeak, toys that fly, and toys that make the noises we recognize from the Angry Birds game we were obsessively playing over the summer. Even better, we're sharing them with you!

To win all the toys pictured above, leave a comment telling us about your dog's favorite toy. And if you're an Angry Birds addict, we want to know all about that, too.

We'll pick a random winner on Friday, Dec. 16.

P.S. Also, here's an awesome cover of the Angry Birds theme song by Pomplamoose.


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