Angels Needed For Chihuahuas At Angel's Gate

 |  Feb 6th 2009  |   4 Contributions

On January 12th I posted a story on the disabled Chihuahuas that were removed from the house of an elderly woman who could not care for them. All the dogs that were deemed adoptable went to new homes, but 12 with various disabilities and ailments went to live out their lives at Angel's Gate.

On Jan 10 Angel's Gate adopted 12 Chihuahuas rescued from an Alabama puppy mill. The dogs were in deplorable condition and needed emergency treatment. We need sponsors for these dogs to offset the staggering medical costs for immediate and long term care of all 12 dogs.

All the dogs spent three days at Jockeyport Animal Hospital where they were given emergency treatment. They are currently at home here at Angel Gate where they will be given the nursing care they so desperately need. All were flea, lice and worm infested. All need surgery, many need multiple surgeries, but because of their weakened state surgeries cannot be done at this time. To date we have over $6,000 in medical costs.

Our mission is to make these broken spirits whole again. They have suffered a lifetime of neglect. You can see the pain and confusion in their eyes. For the remainder of their days we will show them the kindness and respect they deserve. We will care for their physical needs and also tend to the emotional scars caused by lifelong caging, starvation, chronic physical pain and lack of human touch.

Please help us help them!

Angel's Gate is a wonderful, loving sanctuary complete with an animal hospice. You can see all the Chihuahuas profiles on the Angel's Gate site, once you see the pictures you won't be able to help but donate a few dollars. No amount is too small!

You can also donate through, a site which makes fundraising easy. Either way, the money goes towards a wonderful cause.

*The picture above is Bill, one of the 12 beautiful dogs who need help.


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