And the Winner of the West Paw Howl-O-Ween Contest Is...

 |  Oct 19th 2011  |   6 Contributions

Thanks go out to everyone who entered our Halloween toy giveaway with West Paw Design. We got a ton of great comments, but our favorite was from reader Boops, who said:

My dog Pumpkin, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, will be dressed as a king. I will swag our front porch with red fabric, and roll out a red carpet on the stairs. He will sit on his faux lynx/ermine dog bed/throne at the top of the stairs and he will bestow from a gold/brass vessel candy to all the children in the land who approach him with reverence. I will not be his queen, Im more of a court jester.

Boops, you will have to send us a photo of Mr. Pumpkin in all his glory. Our friends at West Paw will be in touch to find out where to send your goodies!


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