American Kennel Club Backs Out of Petland Deal!

 |  Sep 30th 2006  |   11 Contributions

Roxie by Larry Merrill

Here's an update about the amazingly ill-conceived AKC deal with the Petland chain of pet stores. It seems the AKC management have heard all the complaints from across the US from many breed clubs and backed away from the arrangement.

Way to go Dogsters and everyone else who growled their upset into the AKC! You made the difference! You're the reason puppy mills and their middle demons like the Hunte Corporation will not be legitimized any more than they already are in pet stores like Petland. Good work! Keep up the good work! Working like a pack we can make a difference!

Thanks to Roxie's mom, Karen for barking in!

Karen wrote:

Hi Joy,
I'm not sure if you have seen this but it looks like AKC has pulled back and is not going through with the Petland agreement. Once again the voices of reason have been heard.

At the September Delegates Meeting AKC reported that we had reached an agreement with Petland in order to facilitate the registration of dogs that are already AKC registrable.

Precedence: bulk

AKC's Board of Directors and management believed that this agreement would have helped to further the mission of the AKC. Promoting responsible dog ownership to new puppy owners, implementing our care and conditions policies, and exposing more dog owners to AKC educational programs and services would have had even greater reach.

In the past few weeks we have received many comments about this agreement, both positive and negative. We have listened to the concerns and because this issue has become so divisive, we believe it is in the best interest of our sport and the American Kennel Club not to go forward with this initiative.

Ron Menaker, Chairman of the Board
Dennis B. Sprung, President and CEO


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