Alleged Dog Training Ring Broken

 |  Oct 29th 2008  |   6 Contributions

In Riviera Beach, FL Pit Bulls were taken from a home where suspected dog fight training was taking place.

A phone call about a dog in distress led officials to the home, Animal Care and Control were the first to respond.

At the house they found enough evidence to get a warrant for a full search.

Four pit bulls were taken from 446 West 14th street. Frank Huggins was arrested for a felony violation of animal fighting. The house belongs to his brother who could also face charges.

The dogs have multiple scars on their bodies and some had open wounds on their face and neck.

Deputies also removed a treadmill used to run dogs, weights, chains and needles. Investigators say the heavy weights are put on the dogs collars to strengthen them. They say there were other signs the dogs were being trained such as being individually tethered and their lean physique.

The training operation at Huggins house is considered to be an isolated incident. However, officials are investigating to make sure it isn't part of a larger ring.

* There was no pic with the article. The adorable girl above is Dogster member Vega, a rescue.


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