All The Pets In The House Say Wooooof!

 |  Jul 15th 2004  |   1 Contribution

Ted here, just had to stop what I was doing and say you Dogster folks rule. I knew that people would enjoy the site, but I had no idea how many would LOVE THIS SITE. Even I can’t keep up with each new dog added, but everyday I click on as many as I can and you know what? They are all great. The pictures crack me up and make me squeel like a kid. The entries are hysterical and the stories are great.

The good news is it that we’ve got so many new plans you won’t believe your paws. It’s gonna be so fun you’ll never stop chasing your tails! Have you tried the Dogster Private Messaging yet? Dogster dogs are emailing each other all day long. If you want to connect with other Dogster folks, join up in MyAccount.

So thanks for all the great emails of thanks and encouragement. Thanks for all the suggestions and thanks for helping us keeping the site clean and fun. But most of all thanks for being here. Thanks for adding such great photos and profiles and thanks for supporting our advertisers (you are supporting our advertisers aren’t you. ;)

So keep up the good work. Email anytime. You doggies rule! Belly rubs for everyone.


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