Alabama Newfie Abducted and Murdered, Guilty Fined $400

 |  Mar 31st 2006  |   4 Contributions


If you think our four-legged friends have any thing like legal protection in our society, think again. Case in point, Kahn, the three-year-old Newfoundland who lived in Wetumpka, Alabama was abducted by dog fighters, thrown in with pit bulls being trained to fight in barbaric dog fights, mutilated, tortured and ultimately murdered. The misbegotten sociopathic short ends of the gene pool only got fined $400!!!

There is a petition you can sign at The Petition Site. You would think there would be more we could do to prevent this kind of atrocity from happening again, wouldn't you?

So what are your ideas? Short of violence, what can you suggest to stop the violence against our furry friends and family members? Bark out!


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