Advice About Dealing With Pet Loss from Rainbow Bridge Dogs

 |  Apr 14th 2006  |   5 Contributions



Thanks to our Rainbow Dogsters Blacky and Max for the following advice.

With all the beloved furry family members going to the bridge right now and many of them being the first ones of their pack to go to the RB, Max and I thought we should send along some links mom found useful when it comes close to our death annivarseries Those are (a memorial site for pets), and the dogster forums,

Also when looking for a new pet, people tend to look for one thats Identical to the one they lost and are heart broken when they turn out to be completly different. In most cases it's best that the new pet has a new personality because overtime you'll love them for being different. All pets are different and thats why they're so unique and one of many reasons we love and cherish them always. Also another way to remember us is donating to a local shelter in your beloved angels name and getting some sort of plaque with our names on it. Some people even put their pets things in a shoe box and place it with their pet to play with at the bridge or they keep for themselves.

Lots of tail wags and slobbery kisses from the bridge,

Blacky and Max (always watching over our dogster pals on earth)




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