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Norman Is a Rescue Dog Who Looks Like Meatloaf

In a GOOD way! He's adorable! He was abandoned for being old, but now he has found a home.

 |  Oct 7th 2013  |   7 Contributions

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Norman is known as "Norman the Meatloaf Dog" presumably because he looks like meatloaf. Whether that's meatloaf lowercase M or Meatloaf uppercase M, I am not sure -- you be the judge and tell me what you think in the comments.

But anyway, back to Norman. Norman is really cute and blind and he's part Chihuahua and part Pug, but not even his cuteness could save him from being dumped by people who have a major case of the mean in their hearts -- the seven-year-old little dog was dumped in the overnight dropbox at animal control, and because he was considered a "senior," they believed Norman wouldn't be able to find a home.

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Looking cute!

That's when our faves Muttville swooped in and saved little Norman, which is great, because not only does Norman have a loving forever home, but we get to enjoy Norman, too!

In addition to his Facebook page, Norman has a Tumblr (by the way, are you following our Tumblr?) full of wonderful photos of the "meatloaf dog."

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Nice shirt!

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Seriously though, who could turn down a face like this just because he's old? I mean, I understand that animal control is dealing with overpopulation and that, unfortunately, it sometimes means making harsh decisions, but Norman is so cute! It would be a sad day without Norman's cuteness in it.

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All photos via Norman's Facebook page and Tumblr … go follow both and say hello to him!

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