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The Greatest Photo Ever of Daniel Radcliffe Walking ALL the Dogs

Nobody walks dogs like Daniel Radcliffe walks dogs.

 |  Jul 2nd 2014  |   1 Contribution

Actor Daniel Radcliffe threw the sidewalks of NYC into chaos on Monday morning as he walked a great many dogs with a great many leashes tied to his belt. At one point, he smoked a cigarette. It was magical: 

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Further snooping by media hounds revealed that the actor was filming a Judd Apatow film with Marisa Tomei, largely because if you looked closely at Daniel and his dogs you could see people like Judd Apatow and Marisa Tomei right around him.

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Anyhow, it made for wonderful photos. It also made us wonder if Daniel Radcliffe has any tips on walking your dog, like if he as a guide called "How to Walk Your Dog," by Daniel Radcliffe.

"How to Walk Your Dog," by Daniel Radcliffe

  1. Check for cigarettes. Do you have enough cigarettes? You might need more cigarettes. 
  2. Gather your dogs.  
  3. Man, what a lot of dogs. 
  4. You don’t even remember getting that Poodle, do you?
  5. Spend 40 minutes tying 20 leashes around your waist. 
  6. You’re not a crazy person. 
  7. Crack open the door and scream into the hallway, “THE DOGS ARE COMING OUT. RED ALERT. THE DOGS ARE COMING OUT." 
  8. Imagine you’re in a Jerry Lewis movie as you get the dogs out the door, down the hall, and into the elevator, which is full of children who just bought ice cream cones. 
  9. Get out on the street. Walk. 
  10. Ah, this is nice. How about a cigarette?
  11. Don’t mind if I do. 
  12. Another?
  13. Yes, please. 
  14. Think about Harry Potter. Man, that was a good gig. 
  15. Hey, why don’t you have a Boxer? What an oversight! Make a plan to adopt a Boxer immediately. 
  16. Also a Pug and ... that dog right over there. Adopt that dog now
  17. Find that Tomei woman with the Poodles by raising your hand to your mouth and yodeling. 
  18. Snuggle with some Poodles. 
  19. Walk more and brood. Have another cigarette. 
  20. Man, that Harry Potter was a good gig.  
  21. OK, that’s a wrap. Let’s do it all again in two hours, everybody. 

Via Vulture and E!Online; photos via www.danradcliffegallery.com.

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